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Training & Development Policy

Training and Development Policy

Scope and Purpose
The NIHAR SKILL EDUCATION believes that training is necessary for all employees. Having training and development policies provides benefits and ensure that all employees are in line with the company’s mission and primary objectives. The benefits of the company’s procedures include:
  • Higher work performance standards
  • More appreciation and a greater understanding of factors in line to work performance and its impact on the company
  • Good practices such as dissemination and brainstorming ideas for the team
  • Implementing changes and providing effective management within the company
  • Developing a stronger and more productive working relationship within all units or departments within the company
  • Job satisfaction and motivation
  • Full understanding of the company and its operations

  • All objectives in line with the company goals are met
  • Each staff member understands the purpose of their role within the company
  • Each working individual develops the ability to attain and achieve company goals
  • Proper preparations are provided to staff members so they may deal with the upcoming challenges or issues
  • Each working individual develops his or her personal and professional potential with proper encouragement and motivation
  • Support and encourage lifelong learning and education towards employees

The NIHAR SKILL EDUCATIONexpects employees’ development to continue and improve in all aspects and all job positions and categories presented within the organization.
All department managers and team leaders of the company must ensure proper training and orientation towards the staff members working within the organization to improve and develop them individually for workforce efficiency.
Staff members must take responsibility for every developmental opportunity presented by the company for further career development.
The primary objectives of the training and development policy are to:
  • Ensure a systematic and functional framework for all staff development aspects involving planning, management, and accurate evaluation.
  • Ensure that employees agree through the discussions of the staff development plan provided by the department manager.
  • Give employees the ability to set proper expectations when engaging with staff development activities based on their responsibilities and the need for development.
  • Attain high standards of quality in the staff development activity provided by management.

The company’s annual budget will be used to carry out the implementation of policies by purchasing the necessary resources or workforce.
The company will ensure that the available resources are adequate enough for staff development and that they are used for effective planning and proper management.
The department managers of the company must maintain the plans set for staff development to take place with the following requirements:
  • The initial training of staff members and their induction
  • Resuming staff development in connection to the position demanded
  • Development of personal skills and career

The department managers of the company must collaborate with the relevant staff members during the planning process to identify the needs for further improvement of work performance.
Evaluation and Monitoring
The department managers are responsible for securing the records of staff members so that final evaluations may be done. The company will evaluate the staff members based on their performance and determine whether they have improved throughout the developmental program or not.
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