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Imran S

Field AC Technician, Voltas Serving Center, Kadapa

I S. Imran from Kadapa district. Throughout my schooling, I supported quest to become educated by working with my family in the fields. I was married, and I am a going to daily wage laborer. I lost all hope of aspiring to complete my higher studies, having been dragged into the rigmarole of managing my family. “Bura lagta tha ki agar hum bhi kuch kamate toh taane sunne ko nahi milte saas-sasur se. Par humne soch liya tha ki kuch toh kar ke dikhayenge. (I used to feel bad that had I been earning something, I would not have heard ‘taanas’ from my in-laws. But I had made up my mind to prove myself.)” That is when she learnt about APSMFC, Kadapa Training partner Nihar Skill Education, Kadapa. That it provides free skill training to the youth. I immediately enrolled into the A.C & Refrigeration course for 3 months training center in Kadapa within 10 days of enrolling. After completion of my course they showed some jobs to me but finally they showed me a better placement in Voltas Servicing center at kadapa. Now I am working in Voltas Servicing center and earning Rs.7, 000/- per month. Today I support my family regarding financial matters and have gained the respect from society and pledged to support my sister’s education. With a sense of pride, she says “Achi naukri ho, kamaye toh izzat milti hai varna koi nahi poochta. Aurat agar chahe toh ghar bana sakti hai ya bigad sakti hai (With a good job and a regular income comes respect otherwise nobody cares for you. A Woman today can either break or make a household.)”






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