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HR Policy


We would like to align our policy guidelines with employee needs as well as those of the organisation. Therefore, Nihar Skill Education may change these policies at any time. This Manual is therefore, designed to allow updates (deletions and additions) as and when the management of Nihar Skill Education deems it necessary for the general benefit of the Employees and the Company.

As we move ahead, there will be changes that may need to be reflected in this manual. When such revisions occur, the Custodians will receive these updates along with directions to whether to replace a page in a particular policy or simply replace the entire policy within a section.

Hiring & Joining Objective This policy is aimed at having a universal and scientific method to hire the best talent in the industry with optimum skills and aptitude required for the job.

All employees hired on rolls of the company.

Given below is the procedure that has to be followed while recruiting. Any deviation with this policy has to be approved by the CEO and Group Head HR. Their decision will be final.

Eligibility: Basic criteria for candidates.
  • Age should be 18 years and above
  • Should have completed 15 years of formal education.
  • Incase a foreign national – Should hold a valid work permit

All hiring has to be in line with the pre-approved organization structure and plan by the CEO and Group Head HR.

Manpower Requirement form (MRF): All hiring requests have to be channeled through MRF. This would help us track and reconcile the category of hiring under backfill or additional hire. The idea is not be bureaucratic but to have control over the process. The MRF has to be sent to Nihar Skill Education HR with pre approval from the CEO.

The interview decision can be based on the following key points
  • Key skill sets required to perform the job should be demonstrated by the candidate
  • Candidates expectations with the role in line with the actual role
  • The company should be able to contain the aspirations of the candidates
  • The individual should have scope of growth in the organization
  • The candidate should fit the organization culture of the company

Once the results of the above checks are satisfactory Nihar Skill Education HR will prepare a comparison sheet. After recommendation from the line manager and the interviewers this sheet will be forwarded to the CEO for approval. Post approval of this sheet the offered compensation and grade will be communicated to the candidate.

Before the offer letter is released, HR should be in possession of the following documents:
  • Resume of the candidate
  • Interview assessment sheet filled by Line manager and HR
  • Clearance from the pre-employment checks
  • Photo ID proof
  • Last 2 months salary slip
  • Copy of the last revision letter / appointment letter incase no revision has been done

On acceptance of the offer letter the prospective employee needs to communicate a tentative date of joining to HR. Once the employee joins the company, He/She is to be issued a formal appointment order. The appointment order can be issued by Nihar Skill Education HR or Group Head HR.

Joining process

To ensure that the new member of the Nihar Skill Education family settle comfortably in the organisation.

Three days before the date the candidate is supposed to join, HR will inform the following concerned.
  • Line manager / Vertical head
  • Admin department (to ensure seating space / desk-phone / Joining kit)
  • IT department for allocation of desktop / laptop

On the date of joining, Line manager should welcome the new entrant in the organisation and communicate the joining intimation to the Nihar Skill Education HR for initiation of mail Id and employee number.

The candidate is expected to carry the following documents on the date of joining.
  • Certificates supporting academic/professional qualifications
  • SSC/10th Class – Certificate along with the mark sheets
  • Intermediate/12th Standard – Certificate along with the mark sheets
  • Bachelors Degree – Certificates along with the semester/year wise mark sheets
  • Masters / Professional Degree – Certificates along with the semester/year wise mark sheets
  • Diploma / PG Diploma – Certificate along with the mark sheets
  • Any other relevant academic certificates
  • Latest salary payslip / Salary Certificate
  • Relieving letter from last employer
  • Service Certificate / Proof of Employment from present & all previous employers.
  • Form 16 (OR) Taxable Income Statement duly certified by the previous employer.
  • (Statement showing the deductions & Taxable Income with break-up)
  • 6 recent passport colour photographs & 1 stamp size colour photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • Photocopy of valid passport inclusive of all blank pages (or)
  • Receipt in proof as issued by the passport office, in case applied for the passport.
  • Photocopy of the PAN Card.(if applicable)
  • Date of Birth Certificate / Proof of Age
  • PF Account No.
  • Photocopy of the APPOINTMENT ORDER as issued by Nihar Skill Education.
  • Physical fitness certificate from a civil surgeon/MBBS registered practitioner.

The new joinee is expected to collate all above documents and send it to Nihar Skill Education HR. On receipt of all these documents, the original copy of the appointment letter will be dispatched to the employee along with the joining forms. These would include the following:
  • Joining report
  • Acceptance of Code of Conduct
  • Agreement of non disclosure
  • Information and data security undertaking
  • Authorisation letter for background verification
  • Declaration of De-mat/trading account
  • Declaration of relatives in Nihar Skill Education
  • ESIC form
  • Appointment letter
  • Personal profile form
  • PF Nomination form
  • Gratuity Nomination form

The Nihar Skill Education HR / Administration are also responsible to co-ordinate on the ID card, Visiting card and salary account opening formalities.

Probation and Confirmation

To provide for a time frame to the organisation to evaluate the “performance and culture fit” factor vis-à-vis the internal set standards. This also gives the individual time to understand his/her compatibility with the organisation.

All new joinees at all levels will join on probation for a period of six months from their date of joining.

Step 1. (D-30) On completion of five months HR will send the necessary confirmation appraisal form to the supervisor.

Step 2. (D-20) Within 10 days of receipt of the confirmation appraisal form the supervisor should have a formal discussion with the appraisee. This discussion should revolve around the appraisee’s performance on NSERA for the specific period, any limitations he/she has in executing his/her duties etc

Step 3. Post the personal discussion the supervisor and the appraisee should arrive at a consensus on the performance during the last five months. Incase they are not able to arrive at a consensus, the matter has to be referred to the skip level supervisor and HR. The decision of the skip level supervisor and HR shall be final.

Step 4. (D-15) Based on discussion the supervisor needs to inform HR either on confirmation of services or extension of probation for the appraisee. Extension can be granted for a span of 1 to 3 months depending on the discussion of the supervisor, skip level manager and HR. In case of extension of probation the supervisor should share a performance improvement plan with the appraisee along with defined timelines for the achievement of the same. Which ever is the case probation extension and confirmations have to be finally approved by the CEO.

Step 5. (D-7) Confirmation/ probation extension letter has to be issued to the appraisee. Incase a probation extension letter is issued it has to be accompanied with a copy of the performance improvement plan. The performance improvement plan has to be drafted by the line manager.

Step 6. (Only for probation extension cases) There has to be a fortnightly discussion on the appraisee’s progress on the performance improvement plan. Steps 1 to 5 have to be repeated while nearing the completion of the extended probation period. Incase the employee under consideration does not scale up on performance parameters the employee’s services can be terminated post discussion and approval of the immediate line manager, division/region/vertical head, CEO and Nihar Skill Education HR.

Notice period

To protect the interest of the organistion during separation of employees.

All employees on rolls of the company

The notice period will be as per the grid below

All sort of levels/employees: 30 days

The company reserves the right to not accept compensation in lieu of notice period and make the employee serve partial or entire notice period. However, in the event and employee’s services are terminated for fraud, theft or withholding of information or for any other form of misconduct, notice period will not be payable.

Leave Policy

To define leave entitlement for all employees.

All employees on the rolls of the company are covered by the leave policy.

Entitlement for leave is prorated and shall commence from the day an employee joins the Company.

Types of leaves:

Privilege Leave: All employees are entitled to a maximum of 21 days of such leave in a calendar year. The entitlement for new joinees will be pro-rated depending on their date of joining. The 21 days of privilege leave is inclusive of 7 days of mandatory leave. All employees are required to avail of mandatory leave (7 days) once in the leave year.

For calculation of mandatory leave paid holiday falling within the leave period will be counted as part of the leave.

In order to ensure that all employees avail their mandatory leave during the calendar year, it is recommended that all employees submit a tentative mandatory leave schedule to their Supervisors, at the beginning of the year. The Supervisors then ensure that employees avail their leave in a staggered fashion, throughout the year, without bunching up the leave either at the beginning or at the end of the year.
Sick Leave: Sick leaves can be granted at the discretion of supervisor, Nihar Skill Education HR and CEO. The immediate supervisor can approve up to 3 days of continuous leave. Any sick leave beyond 3 days at a stretch has to be approved by the CEO. Such leave application will have to be supported by adequate proof.
Maternity Leave for Female Employees Wherever applicable, maternity leave shall be governed by the provisions of Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. This will apply to cases where an employee adopts a child also.

No employee will be entitled to Maternity Leave unless she has worked in the company for a period not less than eighty days in the twelve months preceding the date of her expected delivery. An employee will be entitled to twelve weeks maternity leave with full pay.

All reporting mangers are responsible for intimating to HR, whenever relevant, the names of employees who have availed maternity leave.

Ready reckoner for leaves:

# Particulars Mandatory Leave Privilege Leave Maternity Leave for female employees

1 Entitlement (7 days) once in six months (Jan- Jun, Jul – Dec).21 working days in a year. Prorated for new joinees (inclusive of mandatory leave) 12 Weeks
2 Accrual Nil – Lapse at the end of year Nil – Lapse at the end of year –< br /> 3 Encashment NilNil –
4 Combination Can only be clubbed with maternity and sick leave. Can only be clubbed with maternity and sick leave. Can be clubbed with any other leave
6 Prefix/suffix Can be pre-fixed AND suffixed to paid holiday. Paid holiday not counted as a part of leave
7 Paid holiday falling in between leaves Shall not be counted as a part of leave
8 Application process
Planned – prior verbal approval from supervisor and need to message the leave request in the Whatsapp Group (Nihar Skill Education Official Whatsapp Group)

Incases of emergency, at least a verbal approval from supervisor

Planned – prior mail approval from supervisor marking HR
The onus is on the employee to exercise leave in a responsible manner. Please note that no leaves will be permitted during the notice period. In the case of a very urgent requirement the employee shall be granted leaves, but the notice period will be extended by those number of days.

Employee Relocation Policy

To lay down the guidelines for reimbursing expenses on transfer / relocation.

All employees on the rolls of company are covered by this policy.

The Company will reimburse or organize relocation / transfer expenses on actual subjects to prior approval of vertical head and Nihar Skill Education HR, CEO and Group Head HR.

Employees on transfer / relocation will be entitled to stay at a hotel / company guesthouse for a period of 1 week. Any extension for staying at the guesthouse / hotel will need the prior approval of the CEO and Group Head HR.

For employees who stay in a hotel, entitlements of the Domestic Travel Policy will apply. Prior to the relocation, the employee can make one trip along with his / her spouse, to finalize accommodation etc. In case school admission is required for children, up to two children may accompany the parents on the same visit. Entitlement for travel would be governed by the Domestic Travel Policy.

The employee should obtain at least three quotations from Packing & Forwarding Agents, which should be sent to Administration Department and Human Resources for approval. The quotations should include cost of freight for household goods and car, packing, forwarding, uploading / loading and insurance details. On receipt of the quotation HR/Admin will give an approval to one of the quotation.

The employee is expected to make the payment directly to the vendor, this would be reimbursed to the employee on production of actual bills.

After the transfer is affected, the employee is required to submit a reimbursement claim (for travel and hotel / guest house stay) to the HR Department who will approve and forward to the Accounts department for payment.

Working Hours / Days

All employees will follow the normal working hours as follows: All Branches/Offices: Monday to Saturday 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM

The working hours are designed to meet and exceed customer requirements. Employees may be required to extend working hours accordingly.

Dress code
The following dress code has been prescribed for all employees of the company.

Monday & Thursday: Uniform along with in-set & respective ID cards Rest of the days except Saturday: Formals along with in-set & respective ID cards Saturday: Casuals

Women: Monday to Firday – Formals with respective ID cards Saturday – Casuals


To ensure that the processing of salary happens correctly keeping in mind days of presence and absence.

Pre-requisites: It is mandatory to maintain attendance register in all offices.

It is mandatory for all employees to sign the attendance register along with in-time. The following legends would represent various forms of attendance on the muster.
P – Present OD – Outdoor duty L – Leave LOP – Loss of pay

On 16th of every month the region/division/vertical head will is required to send a copy of the attendance register from 16th of the last month to 15th of the current month duly signed and approved by him to Nihar Skill Education HR.

Internal transfers

To ensure a uniform process is followed while considering internal transfers.

All transfers from one location to the other on account of business needs or employee requests.

All transfers from one location to the other will have to be proposed by the region/division/vertical head along with justification to Nihar Skill Education HR. Post review of the request Nihar Skill Education HR will seek approval from the CEO.

Separation Process

To ensure a smooth transition of the employee from the company.

The employee must submit to his / her supervisor a letter of resignation in writing; resignations on mail are also acceptable.

The Supervisor must accept the resignation, specify the last working day of the employee and forward to Nihar Skill Education HR.

Nihar Skill Education HR intimates Nihar Skill Education Corporate HR of the resignation.

In cases where an employee named in whistle blow resigns, our practice would be to accept the resignation, but not relieve the employee until the investigation is complete.

Nihar Skill Education HR sends a clearance form to the employee who obtains the relevant clearances and sends back to Nihar Skill Education HR on his/her last working day. Prior to the employee’s separation, an exit interview needs to be conducted and feedback documented.

Incase of employees up to Manager Level the exit interview has to be conducted by at least a VP level resource and Nihar Skill Education HR. In cases of employees above the manager level the exit interview is to be conducted by CEO and Nihar Skill Education HR.

HR gets gratuity claim forms filled by the separated employee (incase eligible) and sends the same along with the other separation documents to HO-HR team for Full and Final settlement processing of the employees.

Nihar Skill Education Corporate HR dispatches the Settlement amount, the settlement details and relieving letter to the employee subject to receipt of the completed clearance form.

File the exit interview form, with the interviewer’s comments, resignation letter, and clearance form in Personal Folder.
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