Huge unemployment numbers on one hand, and huge demand for skilled manpower from industry on the other, State and Central government bodies are looking for skills training solutions that can bridge this gap. The need for a training partner who can increase employability across geographies in multiple sectors is a compulsive one for government. In both economic and social perspectives.

Nihar Skill Education, with centres spread across ten states and qualifications across multiple sectors, offers Government and state bodies the ideal solution. In terms of bringing quality, scale and employment opportunities across geographies.
With access to Nihar Skill Educationexpertise of 130 years in using skill development to shape the success of leading economies of the world, Nihar Skill Educationis well placed to join hands with the Government bodies in harnessing the power of skill training to drive the employment & social welfare agendas. We are doing it successfully already. Nihar Skill Education has partnered with a State Government’s Scheduled Caste/Schedule Tribes Development body in South India to skill and employ deserving youth. Not just for a state, we are working with city governance too. In a first of its kind partnership, a social contributor from a Metro city got together with Nihar Skill Education to train, certify and employ 1000 youth from the underprivileged areas of the city. These and other similar skill solutions that make a difference to identified beneficiaries are an important part of Nihar Skill Education agenda.
1. Choose Nihar Skill Educationas a partner to drive employability of youth from challenged backgrounds.
2. Work with Nihar Skill Educationto enable productive industry academic institution linkages that lead to employability.
3. Leverage Nihar Skill Educationas an assessment and certification partner for projects.

Case studies

Nihar Skill Education, over the years, has worked with countries, communities and social groups to enhance livelihood through skilling. We, at Nihar Skill Educationhave repeated the same successfully in India. In the following lines, you can get to know a few snapshots of how we have worked with such entities and enabled transformation.

Nihar Skill Educationhas partnered with a State Government’s Scheduled Caste/Schedule Tribes Development body to skill and employ deserving youth. With an aim of enhancing livelihood with productive vocational skills training, the development body chose Nihar Skill Educationas a preferred training partner. The partnership, an example for other such bodies, is going ahead in full steam.

In a first of its kind partnership, a social contributor from a Metro city got together with Nihar Skill Educationto train, certify and employ 1000 youth from the slums of the city. The ongoing project is already a huge success with the first three batches of students having got job opportunities with leading companies like Reliance Retail, Shoppers Stop, etc.

As Afghanistan features in news bulletins as ravaged by war, it is easy to forget the fiercely proud artistic heritage that once formed the backbone of its economy. The Turquoise Mountain Institute for Afghan Arts & Architecture, a Nihar Skill Educationaccredited institute, is slowly building hope. Through such skills-based education, Nihar Skill Educationworks with the youth to ensure that they have access to a brighter future for the country.
Farming communities in Ghana were facing increasingly difficult production and market conditions. They urgently needed both agricultural and enterprise skills to improve their livelihoods and to help them make the most of changing circumstances. Nihar Skill EducationCSD worked in Ghana to identify ways to help women farmers and smallholders in poorer parts of the world benefit from training. CSD’s research showed that training women can have a large impact on productivity and a positive effect on communities.