Industry faces a complex paradox. In a land of abundance of labour, there is a shortage of skilled manpower. The reason behind this is lack of education and a significant mismatch between the existing education system and industry requirements. India needs 500 million skilled manpower in various sectors by 2022 . These numbers pose a challenge to the corporate world, which is hard-pressed to source the right candidate who would successfully contribute to the organisation’s growth. Lack of skilled manpower affects the company in multiple ways. There is a huge drop in efficiency, customer service, employee productivity and competitiveness. Apart from this, huge training costs, recruitment overheads and hidden business costs of people management for training existing employees also puts a lot of burden on organisation’s finances.

The need for an organisation that offers a one-stop solution for skilled manpower providing skilling solutions across sectors and geographies consistently and with an ability to bring in scale was strongly felt. Nihar Skill Education is one such organisation that provides end-to-end solutions with world class quality systems.

Nihar Skill Education offers training solutions to companies by addressing their sourcing and training needs through international standards of training and certification. Our qualifications are developed with industry inputs and delivered by qualified industry experts. The learner is assessed through external verifiers during and after the qualification. With Nihar Skill Education, companies benefit by finding the right candidate with relevant skill sets specific to the industry needs. It enables companies to go to market, acquire potential candidates and equip them with requisite skills before deploying them on the job. With a network of delivery centres and trainers, Nihar Skill Education can offer training to existing employees of companies across geographies. With a wide array of qualifications, we ensure that diverse training needs can be met successfully.

Modes of engagement

Nihar Skill Education can offer training and skilled staffing solutions across sectors
Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Customer service, English Language, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy, Health and Safety, Hospitality and Catering, Retailing, Security, Telecommunications, etc.

1. Award
2. Certificate
4. Advanced Diploma

Training solutions for existing and new staff in client workplace.
2. Training solutions for existing and new staff in Nihar Skill Education centres.
3. Recruit Nihar Skill Education can didates from authorised vocational training centres.
4. Participate in industry and academic institutions and connecting programs for skilled manpower acquisition.• Access to a workforce that has the requisite skills for a particular industry’s requirements.
• Reduced training costs when compared to in-house trainings by the corporate.
• Motivating the company’s employees by providing them with useful skills training and certification.
• Uniformity in skills and output.
• Higher productivity, stronger retention, increase efficiency, better competitiveness.Case studies Nihar Skill Education, over the years, has worked with companies, industry bodies and SMEs to enhance performance through variety of training solutions. We, at Nihar Skill Education have repeated the same successfully in India. In the following lines, you can get to know a few snapshots of how we have worked with such entities and enabled transformation.
Nihar Skill Education has partnered with a Metro Rail corporation to deliver ‘Certificate in Health and Safety for Metro Transport Maintenance’ qualification. Specially crafted by Nihar Skill Education and developed to provide learners with a general qualification in Health and Safety for the workplace, this partnership has already certified more than 2000 learners. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has appreciated the training efforts by Nihar Skill Education.

A leading lifestyle retail chain wanted to upgrade skill levels of their front end customer service associates. Nihar Skill Education was chosen to be the training partner to deliver their skills training and certification program in-house. Mapping existing skills gaps to qualification outcomes, Nihar Skill Education is delivering this training in multiple city locations using their trainer and training centre network.

Lack of expertise at the entry level technical personnel was a huge issue for this company. They identified Nihar Skill Education to reach out and train learners having ITI and Polytechnic academic background in AC and Refrigeration. Nihar Skill Education identified the IVQ from the City & Guilds qualification array and customised it to client‘s business needs to deliver this qualification across the cities chosen by the client.

Using the Nihar Skill Education ’employer direct’ model, Tesco Line Managers were able to train and assess their own staff, make use of their existing training, assessment and review processes. To date, over 400 Tesco employees across 160 stores have achieved an Apprenticeship—80% of staff said they had increased job satisfaction as a result, retention amongst participants was 15% higher than the company average.

Royal Mail approached Nihar Skill Educationto advise the best training pathway for their business and personnel needs. Royal Mail witnessed benefits with motivated, business-focused productive talent pool.

In the year 2000, just 24 train drivers in the country held National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). Today, at London Underground (LU), nearly 8,700 of their staff have NVQs. Today, 100% of new employees choose to sign up to the NVQ programme offered to all staff in frontline customer service posts. The result has motivated the staff and the customers are happier.